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Stefano Robiglio


about me

Always fascinated by the forging of metals, after years spent in the family business working in something that did not identify me, in a totally self-taught way I decided to undertake the path as a metalsmith artist, basing my research strictly on form, matter, aesthetics in open opposition to the conceptual art of the last century.

I believe very much in the value of the ‘beautiful’, an almost primordial, material beauty, like that of nature, constant of all my creations.

Chasing fashions or currents does not belong to me, which is why I do not think of interpreting contemporaneity and its society, I see art as a sublimation of craftsmanship and I imagine it as a way to immortality, for this I try to place my work, in a dimension almost out of time, thus generating a sort of contradiction: to always be current.

The choice of iron as a means of expression, is also a kind of connection with our planet, being the core for the most part constituted by it. Also better than other materials, it feeds the idea of stability, gravity, durability, conferring the characteristics I most chase: extemporaneity and transcendence.

Biennale D’Arte di Montecarlo, edizione 2018
All’edizione primaverile di ArtParma Fair, nel 2019,
Galleria Malinpensa di Torino, dove ho effettuato una collettiva con altri 4 artisti, nel 2019
Mostra presso la Biblioteca Angelica di Roma, nel 2019
Art Innsbruk, presso lo stand Malinpensa, nel 2020
Arte Genova 2022
Dossier Arte plastica sulla 59° edizione del Catalogo Arte Moderna, editoriale Giorgio Mondadori, nel 2023


“Although Stefano Robiglio’s sculptural works are tied to a traditional representation, they project themselves in the modern perspective of an innovative play of volumes and skillful planning, where a complete autonomous narrative acquires symbolic power and disruptive renovating force of the material.

His sculptures are created with knowledge of the material, peculiar commitment and artistic skills full of experimentation.

The wrought iron technique with pulsed arc welding system is applied by Robiglio with responsibility and descriptive quality. He severely measures full and empty spaces and he cleverly measures the relation between form and space in a continuous balance of the material and with a remarkable synthesis of technique.

The strongest of all metals – that is iron – invades the scenery with visual results of particular communicative feature, which succeed one another and tell us of recurring emotions.

The human component animates the sculptural travel into Robiglio’s inner reality, vitality and profound honesty for an evident psychological investigation.

Robiglio’s art is really felt and original. It expresses itself by manual expertise and gives maturity to his work for a stylistic language of remarkable reading and real sentiment.

Every sculpture has its own personality, both technical and ideological, where the artist gives soul and life. An important creative dimension walks along Robiglio’s path, which highlights a continuous change of the composition of materials.”

Monia Malinpensa
(Art Director)
Galleria D’Arte Malinpensa by La Telaccia

” Stefano Robiglio’s approach to matter is almost alchemic, testifying a deep mastery of the technique, and a fluid dexterity in the process of realization. The sinuosity of the volumes and the harmonious rhythm of the lines envelops each artwork in an evocative aura, where aesthetic refinement resolves itself through an incisive and conscious production.
The artist is able to communicate the power of the iron and the fire that shapes it through a formal plasticity, sparking a dialogue with the space around it, imposing itself for its harmony and pure beauty.
In all his production, it’s fascinating that a material such as iron – cold and stiff due to its nature, usually associated with the concept of stability and gravitas, and limited by commonplaces which oversimplifies it – is able to offer to a fervid and competent creativity a sense of intangibility, rendering it flexible and dynamic, enhancing its tactile value and lightness.
Each figure is shaped and fixed in the matter through an explorative process of its infinite expressive potentiality, and the solidity of the most conventional sculptures leaves place to fluidity and movement, in a balance imbued with the aesthetic sensitivity of the artist.
In each figure shaped by Robiglio, he is able to instill elegance and a balanced pace, allowing the three-dimensional plasticity to defy stillness – usually associated with sculpture – creating a relationship amongst stillness and movement.
The result is a stylistic virtue, celebrating the pleasure of creation, where beyond the mere executive act, he is able to manifest his intimacy. The elegance and evocative power of the sculptures are the result of an incisive work, of a conscious process, which is able to mix tradition with innovation, hence creating works that allow a conversation with the present time, in relation with space and the observer in a stimulating and innovative way.
These are creations that recall emotions and sentiments of an intimate poetic, plastic transfiguration of a state of mind, fruit of an introspective idea – beyond their objective beauty and the elegant magnificence, they communicate a formal sophistication which infuse unique expressive qualities, and reaches a level of perfection for which matter comes alive.
Through research and exploration of iron’s communicative abilities, the artist is able to highlight its potential and lend a noble sense.
If art is sublimation of artisanship, Robiglio, through his wide and various production, is perfectly capable of testifying how the chosen material combines with the idea and concept, confirming his versatility and lyricism.”

Dr.ssa Monica Ferrarini


Regione Villeto 2, Visone (AL) – ITALY

+39 333 948 2444

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